Threat Detection, Response and Compliance Capabilities

For Banks, Depositories, Credit Unions and Societies

IT organizations everywhere continuously struggle to improve the cyber security of BFSI and NBFCs. It is particularly the regional cooperative banks, credit societies, Depositories, etc, that have limited resources and can’t keep up with the constantly increasing sophistication of harmful threats. They don’t have the resources to invest into diverse security controls or hire dedicated security professionals to identify and take timely action against these dangers.

These establishments also lag behind when it comes to the changing regulatory environment, for instance RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) which requires a minimum level of cybersecurity preparedness of a financial organization be it a Banking or a Non-Banking financial organization

The AiCyberwatch platform helps the IT teams of banks, credit societies and depositories to enhance their network security, from the moment it is deployed, regardless of their limited resources.

Once deployed, AiCyberwatch can identify the major threats to your network in a few minutes, enabling you to respond effectively and quickly to them. This platform offers cybersecurity

in four important areas listed below:

Cyber threat detection

  • Five important, inbuilt and centrally managed security capabilities
  • Automatic detection of new assets and vulnerabilities before they are exposed to attackers
  • Constant monitoring of networks, assets and users helps in quick identification of malicious and suspicious activities

Threat prioritization

  • Correlation and analysis of security events from legacy tools and inbuilt data sources
  • A quick glance over the highest priority threats
  • Maximum focus on the targeted critical assets, so as to minimize data exfiltration and system compromise risks

Integrated threat intelligence

  • Constantly updated inbuilt security controls
  • The presence of preconfigured correlation directives does away with the need of creating your own
  • No need of dedicated security analysts for constant threat research

Compliance Reporting

  • Generate detailed reports required by the respective regulatory bodies
  • Generate reports on Daily, weekly, monthly intervals or on demand.

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