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Better Streamlining of Retail Cyber Security for Optimum Protection against Security-Breaches

Regardless of the increasing focus on retail cyber security with each passing year, the retail industry continues to bear the brunt of data breaches. Retailers are being continuously targeted despite increased awareness about information security and the need to meet compliance standards like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

One of the many challenges faced by retailers is the lack of resources for deployment of multiple security controls. In fact, the retailers with smaller IT budgets have to make do with the bare minimum – antivirus programs and firewalls. Needless to say that these technologies alone aren’t enough for detecting malicious activities in the networks. Retailers can definitely do with more detection capabilities and access to multiple detection-based security controls, thus having a better chance of preventing any major security-related damages.

The second challenge in case of these retailers is that they incorrectly assume themselves to be not worthy of an attack. They think just because they’re too small, and not an international or national-level chain, they will not be targeted. Unfortunately, it’s actually they who are the primary targets of such attacks, as they are less likely to have big IT teams and advanced-level breach detection tools. A large majority of them don’t have access to enterprise-level technologies like threat intelligence for improving their ability of detecting complex cyber-attacks.

    Another challenge or rather a misperception prevalent among many retailers is they think that being PCI DSS compliant implies that they have secure networks. However, if we look at the retail networks which have been targeted in the past, most of them were compliant with industry standards and/or had passed audits. It’s important for the retail IT teams to continuously monitor their networks and be constantly on the lookout for malicious activities.

    AiCyberwatch provides all critical security capabilities required by retailers for overcoming cyber security challenges. It’s a purpose-built tool that helps resource-strapped IT teams with efficient detection and prioritization of threats and enables them to respond to them in time. Below are some ways in which AiCyberwatch comes to the aid of retail industry:

    Functions like your IT Team’s extension, providing constant threat intelligence and guidance on responses

    • Response guidance for every alarm, enabling the security team to take sound incident response decisions
    • Complete Managed Threat remediation services
    • Constant research on emerging threats, and supply of updates to the security controls

    Unifies all important security controls

    • Does away with the need of additional staff for deployment, configuration and maintenance of separate security controls
    • Consists of inbuilt security controls required for efficient threat detection, threat prioritization and response to malicious activities across the sensitive retail or cardholder network
    • One single console that enables easy configuration of all security controls and offers network-wide visibility

    Continuous security monitoring

    • Automatic correlation and analysis of security events occurring across the network
    • Rules out the possibility of missing sophisticated threats as there’s no manual monitoring and analysis involved

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