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Secure Your Business Against Ransomware, Data Breaches, and the
Latest Malicious Threats

Introducing the Next Era in Threat Detection and Response: AiCyberWatch’s Open XDR SOC service. Leveraging the power of AI and ML, AiCyberWatch Managed SOC services offer a unique advantage in gathering intelligence and swiftly identifying and thwarting threats in real-time, preventing potential damage. When our AI detects malicious activities, you can instantly activate our integrated response to neutralize the threat with Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR). But our SOC goes beyond that, with access to expert security analysts for continuous alert response and remediation plus proactive threat hunting. All this without the need for on-premises infrastructure and security analysts, democratizing advanced security features previously reserved for large enterprises.

Why Choose AiCyberWatch XDR SOC

  • No Upfront cost:  Zero Infrastructure to deploy, avoiding upfront costs to build and staff an in-house SOC.
  • Top Notch Talent: Instant access to hard-to-obtain talent and resources.
  • Single Pane of Glass: Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining, upgrading, and integrating various security stacks. Enjoy comprehensive security solutions all in a single package.
  • Complete visibility: Experience streamlined visibility and centralized control spanning network, endpoints, cloud, identity, email, and beyond.
  • Smart Platform: Harnessing advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning, we deliver extensive visibility throughout your entire digital ecosystem.
  • Advanced threat detection: AiCyberwatch Managed SOC leverages powerful security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities to automate alert handling, reduce remediation time and minimize the impact of cyberattacks.
  • Alerts: Receive high-fidelity alerts, reducing false positives to a minimum.
  • Outstanding affordability: You'll pay a flat rate of only $40 per endpoint per year, eliminating any billing surprises.
  • Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden costs, contracts, or intricate processes to decipher.
  • Fractional Personnel cost: You gain access to our skilled analyst team at a fraction of the expense required to assemble such a workforce.
  • Proven Technology: Block cyberthreats from reaching critical systems and data with Zero-Trust Secure Access Service Edge.
  • Enterprise Grade: We employ encrypted log storage, intelligence feeds, real-time automated remediation, asset discovery, API attack defences, and zero-day protection, without the complexity and costs of traditional solutions.
  • Proven Expertise: AiCyberWatch SOC services are protecting over 2% of the fortune 500s and 100+ mid-market customers across industry verticals.
  • Threat Intelligence: 30+ Threat Intelligence Feeds. Consumes internal & external threat intel, supports STIX / TAXII and unstructured intel feeds, yields consumable & actionable threat intelligence.
  • Continuous Vigilance: AiCyberWatch Managed SOC remains active around the clock, 24/7/365, and its capability to correlate information from various log sources enables it to pinpoint cyberthreats amidst the digital haystack.
  • Integration Support: No dead investment. Support of 150 vendor product integrations through open APIs and cloud connectors. This allows you to leverage your existing investments while future-proofing your business as new technologies emerge.
  • Scalability: Our cloud-based architecture seamlessly spans both cloud and on-premises technologies. Furthermore, it's designed for scalability, granting you the adaptability to expand and evolve with your changing requirements.
SOC services

Why Choose Us

Day Zero Return on Investment!

We offer comprehensive Managed Security Operations Center SOC services, proactively monitoring, detecting, and responding to threats to safeguard your organization’s digital assets and ensure cybersecurity resilience.

Implementing a Managed SOC solution today is imperative.


Average cost of a ransomware attack.1


Percentage of small businesses affected by cyberattacks.2


Losses from Business Email Compromise attacks.3

Did you know that 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within half a year? In fact, today’s sophisticated attacks have made traditional security measures obsolete. Our advanced technology delivers the protection you need to safeguard your operations, sensitive data and reputation.

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Threats have evolved and this necessitates an evolution in your security measures.

until a few years ago, anti-virus software, spam filters, and firewalls were adequate for protection. However, that’s no longer the case. Today’s sophisticated threats can effortlessly circumvent these safeguards, particularly for businesses with remote employees.

To ensure your business’s security, you require a contemporary solution that outpaces cybercriminals at every turn.

Security Across All Connections:

The surge in remote work has dramatically heightened the demand for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. With Aicyberwatch SOC services, you can be rest assured that your entire network, including every laptop, and tablet connected to it, is fortified with advanced protection against:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Data Breaches
  • Business Email Compromise

What is a Managed SOC?

A Managed Security Operations Center (SOC), often referred to as SOC as a Service, offers around-the-clock monitoring and response services to safeguard a company’s systems, networks, and data through outsourced solutions. Managed SOC service providers offer a cost-effective means to access essential cybersecurity services in the current threat landscape.

AiCyberWatch XDR Platform

AiCyberWatch XDR is updated and supported by leading Threat Intelligence Center which provides dedicated R&D capabilities, focused on the development of Threat Intelligence.

Threat Intelligence
Alert Prioritization
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Full environment insights, the entire attack surface is covered; combining data from endpoint, network, host and cloud environments.

Support of 150 vendor product integrations

technology partner
technology partner

Data Collection

Rapid point-and-click deployment of cloud-based collectors allow you to begin consuming data from a wide range of third-party integrations. With device auto detection and highly secure transport methods, our data collection is trouble free and secure.


Threat Detection

To stop incoming threats, you need to understand them. AiCyberWatch XDR’s threat intelligence give you insight into where an attack is coming from, what’s motivating it, and most importantly, how you can stop it. Proprietary machine learning analysis of telemetry, enriched by our best of breed threat intelligence enable the fastest threat detection on the market.



Respond with our integrated toolset. Reduce manual processes like alert fatigue or provide immediate protections based on alerts or conditions via signaling to your security controls.

EDR Response Integration
Enhanced Investigations
Alert Prioritization
Advanced Query
Alert Enrichment

Managed SOC Services with AiCyberWatch

AiCyberWatch Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) is backed by industry-leading technology and personnel delivering world-class intrusion detection and remediation, security information and event management systems, and advanced analytics, without vendor lock-in.

Rapid Detection and Response

SOAR streamlines and utomates data correlation, diminishing false positives and alert fatigue, enabling analysts to respond promptly.

Highly Skilled Security Analysts

Our analysts are seasoned experts in their domain, significantly reducing the mean time to detection and response.

Decreased Breach Risk

Quicker detection and response curtails the overall risk of a breach, facilitating containment.

User Management

We utilize behavior analysis, monitor active directory, defend against hostile network attacks, and integrate with Microsoft 365, G-suite, and more.

Network and Infrastructure Monitoring with Enhanced Protection

Our approach encompasses encrypted log storage, intelligence feeds, real-time automated remediation, asset discovery, safeguarding against API attacks, and ensuring Zero-day protection.

Compliance Assistance

Our services encompass policy templates, incident response management, compliance reports and documentation, auditor report accessibility, and SOAR automation.

Conformance to Industry Frameworks

We ensure rapid alignment with defense-in-depth strategies and a well-rounded response by adhering to industry-recognized standards such as NIST, MITRE, HIPAA, and ISO.

Global support for your local business.

With AiCyberWatch XDR SOC, you’re getting much more than all-in-one solution to protect your business. 

The Ideal Solution for Businesses of Any Scale

Whether you’re a small business searching for top-notch security at an affordable cost or a well-established enterprise in need of streamlined protection, AiCyberWatch SOC provides a comprehensive solution. It empowers you to enhance productivity, streamline security operations, and benefit from predictable monthly pricing.

Fully Scalable
Provided on a cloud-based hosted model, AiCyberWatch seamlessly adapts to your business’s growth and evolving security requirements.

Enhancing Compliance
Achieve compliance requirements effortlessly by gaining comprehensive insights into your company’s cybersecurity status and preparedness.

Highly Adaptable
AiCyberWatch SOC service can be easily customized to align with your business’s unique cybersecurity requirements and to complement your existing solutions.

Strengthens Collaboration
Diverse teams, including security, IT, and compliance, can seamlessly collaborate to tackle potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Top-Tier Expertise
Your IT team gains from the wealth of knowledge possessed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) researchers.

Constantly Current
Instead of dedicating time to manual software updates, you can rely on AiCyberWatch to automatically ensure your protection is optimized.

Unceasing Vigilance
Our Managed SOC operates round the clock, 24/7/365, to alleviate the burden on your internal security team, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind day and night.

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    AiCyberWatch FAQs

    What is Aicyberwatch SOC?

    Aicyberwatch Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) is backed by industry-leading technology and personnel delivering world-class intrusion detection and remediation, security information and event management systems, and advanced analytics, without vendor lock-in. Aicyberwatch Managed SOC service is offered as a subscription-based service, where customers pay for the solution on a monthly or annual basis.

    How does the AiCyberwatch Managed SOC service work?

    AiCyberwatch maintains constant surveillance over your digital environment, operating 24/7. It collects data from diverse sources, conducts thorough analysis, and identifies potential threats. Upon detecting a threat, it initiates immediate action to pinpoint the issue and deliver effective solutions to neutralize the unwanted activity.

    What are the benefits of the AiCyberwatch Managed SOC service?

    Aicyberwatch Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) provides comprehensive threat visibility, swift threat response, efficient resource allocation, and seamless integration with your existing security tools.

    What products does the AiCyberwatch SOC service integrate with?

    AiCyberwatch SOC seamlessly integrates with your existing security tools, eliminating the need to discard what’s already effective. Whether your infrastructure is cloud-based or on-premises, Our SOC service complements your current setup.

    Is AiCyberWatch customizable?

    Certainly! We recognize that every business has its distinct characteristics. Aicyberwatch Managed SOC service can be customized to align precisely with your individual requirements, guaranteeing that you receive the necessary protection without any superfluous features.

    How is the AiCyberwatch Managed SOC service Priced?

    We maintain transparent pricing. The AiCyberWatch managed SOC service is available at a simple per device rate for Critical devices and endpoints. There are no hidden charges or unexpected expenses—just clear, budget-friendly cybersecurity.

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