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Ensure your employees are a strong line of defense against social engineering attacks with our expertly crafted simulations and comprehensive reporting.

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Overview of Social Engineering Assessment

Improve employee cyber awareness by testing for lapses in user education

Technical assessments alone are an incomplete simulation of a real world cyberattack and most often people are the primary gateway to sensitive data and processes. Psychological manipulation is a common approach used by cyber criminals to trick people into taking adverse actions and/or divulging confidential information. By creating emails and web pages that imitate those of known legit organizations and contacts, cyber criminals aim to trick individuals into clicking dangerous links, opening malicious attachments, and sharing personal details.

AiCyberWatch offers a range of expert-driven social engineering assessments to thoroughly assess the ability of your organization’s systems and personnel to detect and respond to targeted email phishing attacks. Our range of tailored assessments help to test defences, identify potential data leaks, highlight weaknesses in human behaviour, and improve employee cyber awareness.

Our Social Engineering Assessment Service Includes

Our Social Engineering Assessment service includes a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s susceptibility to social engineering attacks, including phishing, pretexting, baiting, and other tactics used by cybercriminals.

Our team of experts will simulate social engineering attacks against your employees, vendors, and partners, to identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Phishing Simulations

Our team will conduct simulated phishing exercises to test and improve your organization’s resilience against email-based social engineering attacks.

Pretexting Simulations

We will perform pretexting simulations to assess your organization’s vulnerability to deceptive, socially engineered attacks and improve security awareness.

Baiting Simulations

Our team will execute baiting simulations to evaluate how well your organization guards against enticing, malicious threats and bolster cybersecurity defenses.

Physical Security Assessments

Physical security assessments involve evaluating an organization’s physical assets, infrastructure, and premises to identify vulnerabilities and recommend measures to enhance the security of these physical elements.

Employee Security Awareness Training

Employee Security Awareness Training is a program that educates staff on recognizing and mitigating cybersecurity threats, promoting responsible online behavior, and safeguarding sensitive information to enhance overall security.

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Benefits of our Social Engineering Testing Services

Understand how vulnerable your employees are to falling prey to social engineering attacks.

Gain visibility on the information that an attacker could gather about your business from the public domain and reduce the risk of scams and malware proliferation

Test the effectiveness of your cyber security controls, such as firewall rules, etc at identifying and blocking social engineering attacks.

Use the results of the assessment to help develop an effective security awareness training programme.

Improve employee cyber security awareness by using a simulated social engineering attack to highlight good and bad practices.

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Process of Social Engineering Assessment Service

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