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An All-in-One Security and Compliance Solution for Higher Education Industry

The constantly rising security breaches at higher education institutions have proven the growing interest of hackers in this particular industry. Considering the valuable intellectual property they hold and the open nature of their IT systems, colleges and universities are an attractive target for malicious attacks.

Security operators are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain information security and compliance at universities, owing to their unique nature. They are traditionally known for their openness, however, must maintain the privacy of users and meet specific compliance requirements, for instance, FERPA.

In order to meet these challenges, these establishments require a security solution which:

  • Provides complete visibility into their networks
  • Quickly detects any threats
  • Can be deployed quickly for quick insights
  • Provides important compliance capabilities

    AiCyberwatch serves as a complete security solution for higher education institutions. It offers five important security capabilities, unified into one single tool that delivers everything required for threat detection, response prioritization and compliance management. The constant supply of threat intelligence by our Security Research Team ensures that these institutions stay on top of the latest threats. Following are the critical features offered by AiCyberwatch to provide complete security to these institutes of learning:

    Automatic threat detection and guidance on responses

    • Automatic and critical threat detection capabilities to offer complete protection from emerging threats
    • Dynamic guidance on incident response
    • Quick deployment for instant insights

    Integrated and up-to-date threat intelligence

    • Constant threat intelligence updates supplied to AiCyberwatch protect you from the latest threats
    • Focused on threat response instead of researching every single alert
    • Customizable and predefined correlation rules do away with the need of writing your own

    Complete compliance capabilities

    • Retention, analysis and management of logs for PCI, HIPAA and FERPA compliance
    • A flexible dashboard and reporting feature
    • Easy integration of data from the legacy security tools

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