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Cyber Security, Risk Management & Compliance Solution for the Energy Sector

Many energy sector organizations continue to struggle with cyber security and compliance issues. As hackers are finding new ways and means to launch sophisticated attacks, it has become increasingly difficult for these establishments to stay on top of the latest threats.

Maintaining effective security for the energy sector organizations means that their critical assets and infrastructure must be protected at all times. Their IT security teams must ensure uninterrupted services, analyze endless data, follow best practices and meet compliance regulations.

What is required is a comprehensive security solution which can:

  • Constantly monitor their assets and infrastructure
  • Assess vulnerabilities
  • Ensure quick threat detection
  • Provide meaningful guidance on responses
  • Be deployed quickly for quick insights
  • Provide important compliance capabilities

    AiCyberwatch with its five important security capabilities efficiently meets all the above requirements. It offers everything required for rapid threat detection, response prioritization and compliance management. Furthermore, the constant supply of threat intelligence by our Security Research Team allows you to spend more time on mitigating threats rather than researching them.

    AiCyberwatch comprehensively secures your utility and energy organization with the below-listed important features: 

    Complete network visibility

    • Critical threat detection capabilities to help keep up with the latest threats
    • Comprehensive vulnerability assessment
    • Dynamic guidance on incident response

    Integrated and constantly updated threat intelligence

    • Constant supply of threat intelligence updates by our Security Research Team helps you stay on top of the latest emerging threats
    • Customizable and predefined correlation rules, ensuring that you don’t have to write any of your own
    • Helps bring more focus on threat response rather than research on every single alert

    Comprehensive compliance and risk management capabilities

    • Comprehensive log management and security controls, ensuring NERC CIP and other equivalent compliance
    • Flexible dashboard and reporting features
    • In line with all the standard risk management guidelines for the energy sector

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