Red Team Assessment

In the recent year’s organizations have seen a sudden growth in compromise of their critical assets. Irrespective of their size or amount of dollars invested in security, sensitive data has been leaked.

The Challenge

Most organizations believe that installing a security solution in their network will help not only detect, but also prevent attackers from compromising their security posture. However, it has been found that in most instances these security solutions are not effectively configured, nor are the alerting mechanisms adequate. The lack of skilled and trained cyber security personnel further leads to these attacks going undiscovered or even if detected are not able to prevent the attack.

Another popular belief across organizations is that getting a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) is enough. However, the disadvantage of a VAPT is that the scope is often very limited, and the timelines of the activity are also limited to an annual, bi-annual or a quarterly review. VAPTs can never be used to simulate a real-world threat actor. Moreover, aspects like social engineering and physical security are not part of the scope of the VAPT assessments.

Cyber Attacks can only be prevented if the organization understands and is able to visualize such malicious actors through simulated real-world scenarios that prepare and measure the security defences of the organisation.

The Solution

To help organizations overcome the limitations of the VAPT assessments, we believe a more comprehensive approach is required to determine the real threat an organization faces from different adversary attacks.
Through our Red Team Assessment services, we offer you the following benefits:

  • A real-world understanding of threat actors having a bearing on the target organization
  • Comprehensive view of security controls employed
  • Observer and evaluate the monitoring and security incident response capabilities of the target organization

Our attack vectors or methods are designed to launch mock attacks and simulate threats originating from Internet facing assets, Social engineering and physical access

  • With a large number of assets exposed online, Organization’s run the risk of an attacker getting a foothold into the organization by compromising any exposed assets.
  • Humans are the weakest link in the security chain. Phishing attacks that manipulate employees into clicking on malicious links or downloading malicious executable files usually results in potential loss of information.
  • Vulnerabilities can be identified and exploited if bad actors get physical access to an asset or location. They are able to gain access to information about the internal functioning of the target organization.

Our Methodology

A successful Red Team Assessment requires gathering detailed information of the target organization and includes the following information:

Internet facing assets (IP addresses, web sites, applications etc.)

User details/ credentials

Internal application details

Physical location details

Once sufficient details are gathered and the mock attack is launched, we observe the active monitoring and incident response against the mock attacks that comprise emulating external and internal network security attacks, application security attacks, social engineering attacks, physical security intrusion, etc.

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