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Powered by CrowdStrike, our cutting-edge solutions provide real-time protection and response to secure your endpoints.

What EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response

In today’s digital landscape, endpoints are the most vulnerable targets for cyber threats. AiCyberWatch’s Endpoint Security Solutions, powered by CrowdStrike, offer comprehensive protection to ensure your devices and data remain secure.

With the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, traditional security measures are no longer sufficient. Our advanced Endpoint Security Solutions provide the proactive defense necessary to protect against evolving threats.

Real-time Threat Detection:

Continuously monitors endpoint activities to identify and alert on suspicious behavior as it happens, ensuring immediate awareness of potential threats.

Integration with Threat Intelligence

Leverages global threat intelligence to stay updated on emerging threats, enhancing the system’s ability to detect and respond to new and sophisticated attacks.

Automated Incident Response

Quickly and efficiently responds to detected threats using automated processes, reducing response times and minimizing potential damage.

Behavioral Monitoring

Observes and analyzes endpoint behavior to detect anomalies and potential threats that may bypass traditional signature-based detection methods.

Comprehensive Forensic Analysis

Provides detailed investigations of security incidents, helping to understand the attack vectors and take preventive measures against future threats.

User-Friendly Dashboard and Reports

Offers an intuitive interface for managing and monitoring security events, along with comprehensive reports that provide insights into the organization’s security posture and incident response activities.

Benefits of AiCyberWatch Endpoint Security

Build, manage and customize your network with total ease.

Enhanced Security

Protect against a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Reduced Downtime

Ensure business continuity by responding to threats quickly and efficiently.

Improved Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements and standards with robust security measures.

Cost Efficiency

Lower the costs associated with security breaches and system downtimes.

Best in Endpoint Detection and Response

CrowdStrike pioneered EDR to consolidate dozens of point products on a single platform, single console, and single agent, shutting down the most advanced adversaries in record time.

Detect and defeat the adversary

Superior, proven detection

Stop the adversary with AI-powered detection enriched with the world’s best threat intel and expert insight. Our unique adversary-driven approach uncovers the most elusive threats with tactical precision, setting the industry standard for the most trusted detections with the fewest false positives.

Lightweight, unified agent

Activate instant protection and maximum SOC efficiency from day one. Our lightweight, unified agent deploys and secures in minutes — no reboots, manual updates, or complex tuning required.

Complete coverage for all major OSes

Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS — we protect them all. Gain unwavering, fleet-wide visibility across all your endpoints, leaving adversaries nowhere to hide.

EDR Solutions
EDR Solutions

Accelerate investigations with AI

AI-powered workflows

Harness the power of Charlotte AI and AI-powered risk scoring to intelligently prioritize threats and turn hours of work into minutes or seconds. Radically transform security operations and empower all of your analysts to stop breaches like the most seasoned experts.

Cut investigation time

Unparalleled attack path visibility, adversary context, and MITRE ATT&CK mappings empower analysts to quickly understand threats and take decisive action. Triage, investigate, and remediate faster with real-time global collaboration from a unified source of truth.

Extend beyond the endpoint

Extend the world’s best EDR with context from identity, cloud, mobile and data flows for unified, lightning fast investigations. CrowdStrike EDR customers get native XDR at no additional cost and can extend visibility across third party data with Falcon Next-Gen SIEM, available in the same console.

Automate rapid response

Actionable insight

Elevate threat response with the world’s best threat intelligence on 230+ adversaries and their tradecraft at your fingertips. Automatic sandboxing and detailed adversary profiles provide unmatched insights for swift, and decisive remediation from indicators to root cause.

Surgical precision

Eradicate even the most sophisticated threats with Real Time Response (RTR) for direct system access to contain threats. Kill processes and run commands, executables, and scripts to shut down threats from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise-scale automation

Streamline and automate complex tasks at scale with native Falcon Fusion security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) to dramatically improve SOC team efficiency and shut down attacks.

EDR Solutions

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AiCyberWatch FAQs

What is EDR and how does it benefit my organization?

EDR, or Endpoint Detection and Response, is a cybersecurity solution that monitors and analyzes endpoint activities to detect, investigate, and respond to threats in real-time. It benefits organizations by providing enhanced security, rapid threat detection, and automated response capabilities, thereby minimizing the impact of cyber attacks.

How does CrowdStrike's technology enhance AiCyberWatch's EDR solutions?

CrowdStrike’s technology integrates advanced threat intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analysis into AiCyberWatch’s EDR solutions. This partnership ensures superior threat detection and response, leveraging global intelligence and state-of-the-art technology to protect your endpoints.

Can EDR replace traditional antivirus software?

EDR is designed to complement traditional antivirus software, not replace it. While antivirus software provides basic protection against known threats, EDR offers advanced capabilities like real-time monitoring, behavioral analysis, and automated incident response to tackle sophisticated and emerging threats.

How quickly can EDR detect and respond to a threat?

EDR solutions, especially those powered by CrowdStrike, are designed for real-time threat detection and response. They can identify and respond to threats within seconds, significantly reducing the window of exposure and potential damage caused by cyber attacks.

Is EDR suitable for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)?

Yes, EDR is suitable for SMBs. AiCyberWatch’s EDR solutions are scalable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget constraints of small to medium-sized businesses, providing them with enterprise-level protection and peace of mind.

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