Unearth Your Network’s Vulnerabilities before Attackers Do

Network vulnerability assessment is an extremely important task as it helps you locate your critical assets’ weak spots and take timely corrective measures, before any of those are exploited by attackers to steal confidential data or harm your business.

Even if you keep your security controls updated, regular application updates and alterations to the system and application configurations can cause vulnerabilities, leaving you open to an attack. It’s very important to regularly scan your devices and systems, to detect any vulnerabilities as they arise and to maintain security of your data.

Once you uncover such vulnerabilities, you must assess the possible threat posed by each one of them and then prioritize the remediation activities accordingly. This task will involve the following aspects:

  • The sensitivity and business-criticality of the vulnerable asset
  • If any exploits or intrusions have already been attempted on the concerned asset
  • How attackers in the wild are exploiting the vulnerability presently

AiCyberwatch provides all such information in one single place, enabling you to carry out network vulnerability assessment in on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. The tool combines all important security capabilities including vulnerability assessment, behavioral monitoring, asset discovery, log management, SIEM and more, into one single easy-to-use platform. Furthermore, Security Research Team constantly provides threat intelligence, including vulnerability signatures to the platform.

Continuous scanning and monitoring of your environments

  • Easy setup of network vulnerability assessment scans, targeted at entire networks or even specific asset groups or individual assets
  • Easy scheduling of these scans, making them happen automatically at regular intervals, without any manual intervention
  • In line with regulatory requirements and security best practices
  • Visibility into all assets in the environment and which all places they’re most vulnerable

Quick remediation of vulnerabilities

  • Availability of customized data views, pre-created reports and graphically-rich dashboards for quick identification of vulnerabilities
  • Review of vulnerabilities based on their severity, facilitating prioritization of responses
  • Quick identification of available patches, thereby reducing the remediation time of vulnerabilities

Regular supply of vulnerability-related intelligence from the AiCyberwatch Security Research Team

  • Regular supply of updated vulnerability signatures by the Security Research Team
  • Get to know about the history of vulnerabilities on the concerned assets and any patches, if available