Not Just Keep Up but Stay Ahead of the Present-Day Cyber Threat Landscape

As the super busy IT security departments of today neither have the resources nor the time to analyze emerging threats on a regular basis, they depend upon our Security Research Team to stay ahead of the curve. This team continuously supplies the AiCyberwatch platform with threat intelligence updates for optimum threat detection, assessment and response.

In fact, this platform is updated every 30 minutes! Such regular updates are a result of endless hours spent on analyzing various emerging threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, suspicious behaviour and more across the constantly evolving and dynamic threat landscape.

The AiCyberWatch Edge

As we own both the management platform and the inbuilt data sources, we have an edge over other security point solutions. Our threat research team is able to use these data sources and gain a comprehensive understanding of interactions between distinct datatypes that are being gathered, correlated and analyzed. Using such in-depth knowledge, we are able to engineer the AiCyberwatch tool in a manner that it provides seamlessly integrated threat intelligence and optimum security for all the environments.

Our Lab’s Threat Intelligence is what drives the threat assessment capabilities of AiCyberwatch. It provides the AiCyberwatch platform with coordinated rule set updates on a regular basis, and entirely eliminates the need for you to carry out any of your own research on the latest threats and/or alarms triggered by different security tools. These updates are:

Network IDS Signatures – These discover the most recent malicious traffic on your network

Host IDS Signatures – These detect the latest threats targeted at your critical systems

Correlation Directives – AiCyberwatch comprises of a constantly growing and extensive library of pre-specified rules which translate raw events into certain actionable threat-related info. It does so by linking to various disparate events from all over your network

Vulnerability Assessment Signatures – These unearth your systems’ most recent vulnerabilities

Asset Discovery Signatures – Responsible for detecting the latest device information, applications and operating systems

Dynamic Incident Response Templates – Provide customized guidance on response for every alert

Reporting Modules – Provide new views related to your environment’s critical data, thereby satisfying auditors’ and management’s queries