One Single Platform to Meet All Your Threat Detection, Incident Response and Compliance Needs

One Single Platform to Meet All Your Threat Detection, Incident Response and Compliance Needs. The security of your organization depends entirely on how quickly you detect and respond to the constantly emerging threats in your on-premises and cloud environments. However, the continuous evolution of attack strategies and methods makes threat detection a fairly challenging task.

Many organizations don’t have the required time and resources for researching the global threat landscape, to steer clear of the emerging attack vectors; nor are they able to analyze indicators of happening attacks.

AiCyberwatch has been created to cater to such organizations. It’s a tool that carries out advanced threat detection on your on-premises and cloud environments. By serving as one single console which combines various indispensable security capabilities like traditional SIEM, SOAR, User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA), Network-Based Anomaly Detection (NBAD), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), threat intelligence feeds for correlation and enrichment, advanced Machine Learning (ML), AI with actionable intelligence to proactively detect threats and automatically contain them in real-time. It equips you with everything you need for quick identification, analysis and response to emerging threats; all in an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution.

Our Security Research Team works just like your dedicated security team and does all the tiring work on your behalf. It researches the emerging global vulnerabilities and threats, and updates the AiCyberwatch platform with the latest threat intelligence on a regular basis. Resultantly, you receive an always updated and best-performing security solution, without spending a penny on any in-house security expert/s. This team also crowd-sources threat intelligence from different entities like IT professionals, researchers and security experts from all over the world, further strengthening the platform.

  • Quick assessment of threats along with automated alert prioritization
  • Enables well-informed decisions with comprehensive alarm-related details such as threat description, method, strategy and response recommendations

Comprehensive threat visibility with an all-in-one security platform

  • AiCyberwatch’s endpoint detection capabilities and the inbuilt cloud, network and host intrusion detection systems offer a multilayered threat detection approach
  • A consolidated view of assets, malicious activities and vulnerabilities in the environment, enabling easy search and analysis of threats
  • Easy elimination of security blind spots through aggregation and correlation of events occurring on all the applications, endpoints, servers and devices, apart from regular monitoring of the administrator and user activities

Constant vigilance with continuous threat intelligence delivery

  • Delivery of continuous and curated threat intelligence by our Security Research Team, to the AiCyberwatch platform
  • Leveraging threat data obtained from various sources throughout the world
  • Steer clear of emerging threats with the help of automatically and continually updated correlation rules