A Single Comprehensive Security Solution for the Government

Ensuring cybersecurity of government organizations is a challenging task even in the best of the times owing to ageing legacy systems, competing priorities and restricted budgets. The NDV AiCyberwatch tool overcomes all such difficulties by combining five critical security capabilities into one single comprehensive security solution. This approach enables the existing IT teams of government establishments to secure their networks and improve the threat visibility right from day one.

The AiCyberwatch platform provides asset discovery, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, SIEM and behavioral monitoring in one single unified solution, enabling:

  • Measurement, management and reporting of/for regulatory compliance and information security policy
  • Accurate and quick identification of the latest threats targeting the network
  • Thorough investigations and quicker responses to the incidents
  • Optimization of existing security investments and simultaneous reduction of risks
  • Unification of essential network security management tasks for government

Accelerate threat detection process and decrease response time

  • Detection of threats that normally evade the regular security tools
  • Identification of the most dangerous threats in the network using kill-chain taxonomy

Integrated threat intelligence for enhancing cyber security visibility

  • Extension of the security expertise of IT teams
  • Context specific guidance on how to respond to every alert
  • Fully managed remediation services

Reduction of cost and complexity

  • Brings integrated security controls in place of standalone network security tools
  • Improves effectiveness of the existing security tools and staff

Improvement in policy and regulatory compliance

  • Continuous monitoring for full security awareness
  • Automation and simplification of policy compliance

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