Think Beyond SIEM With AiCyberwatch’s Capabilities

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and all that is required for Swift Threat Detection and Response. Even though single purpose log management tools and SIEM software offer important security info, they require time-consuming and costly integration efforts involving import of log files from multiple disparate sources like endpoint agents, asset inventory, IDS products, vulnerability assessment etc. That is not all, you must also research and write various correlation rules for effective threat identification in the environment. All such challenges multiply many times when you’re migrating services and workloads from an on-premises environment to public cloud.

Hence, the money and time required for SIEM deployment becomes a roadblock for timely threat detection, and eventually ROI. This doesn’t work very well for the already resource-strapped IT teams. As against the other SIEM software, AiCyberwatch integrates the powerful log management and SIEM capabilities with several important security toolsSOAR, EUBA, NBAD, NTA, Threat Intelligence, , vulnerability assessment , asset discovery and more, to provide you with effective security monitoring of endpoints and networks in your on-premises and cloud environments, from one single place.

Big Data Engine

AiCyberwatch employs big data analytics to smaller data sets in real-time. The platform takes advantage of all Big/Fast data architectural patterns and frameworks to be able to process high-volume and high-velocity data real-time and automated rule sets in the form of threat models to detect and remediate the threats instantly.

Machine Learning Engine

ML enables the Platform to adapt to any environment dynamically upon deployment. The ML engine inside the platform starts learning the current environment through mathematical analysis of the real time data to construct the blueprint of the normal behavior of the environment. The models operate and predict in real-time which makes the platform so effective in fighting threats real-time.

AI Engine

AI helps to bolster cybersecurity against sophisticated hackers. It helps by automating complex processes for detecting attacks and reacting to breaches. Aicyberwatch Platform uses AI techniques to generate alerts from the sea of threat indicators that otherwise will be analyzed by Security Operations Experts taking a very long time.

The AI Engine not only automates analysis, but also helps us minimize false positives, improved accuracy and delivers real time performance.

AiCyberwatch comprises of an extensive and constantly expanding library of correlation rules, allowing you to start detecting threats from the word go. Our team of security experts continuously tracks and analyzes the emerging threats as well as the crowd-sourced threat data, equipping AiCyberwatch with latest security intelligence. As a result, you get the most up-to-date security monitoring tool.

AiCyberwatch also facilitates centralization of all your log data storage in the NDV Secure Cloud, reducing the burden of on-premise management and security of logs.

Conventional SIEM vs AiCyberwatch

  • Threat detection from the day one, using already-written correlation rules
  • No need of integrating various third-party security tools, thus saving lots of money and time
  • Continuous supply of security intelligence, resulting in the most up-to-date security monitoring tool

Smarter Method of Prioritizing Incident Response

  • Quick assessment of threat intent, severity and strategy
  • Noise reduction, remedy recommendations and automated remediation enable more efficient working

Deeper Threat Investigation Through Advanced Security Analytics

  • Search and analysis of security data through extremely granular methods
  • Unified Asset, Event and Vulnerability related data aids deep diving into the alarms

Regular Threat Intelligence Updates

Regular threat intelligence updates from our team allow you to stay vigilant at all times from our team allow you to stay vigilant at all times.

  • Constant updation of threat context and correlation rules by our Security Research Team
  • Make the most of crowd-sourced actionable threat intelligence