Wireless networks are vital for providing employees with extensive access to systems and data. Often overlooked and secured with basic password protection, an insecure Wireless network exposes your organisation to countless attacks that could compromise your critical information.

To reduce security risk, organisations need to undertake a Wireless Penetration Test, which is a white hat hacking attempt designed to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in security controls employed in their wireless local area networks and use of associated wireless protocols and technologies, including Bluetooth, ZigBee and Z-Wave.

Common Wireless Vulnerabilities:

  1. Rogue access points
  2. Poor encryption algorithms
  3. Default router setups
  4. Wireless zero configs
  5. Guest Wi-Fi loopholes
  6. Bluetooth exploits
  7. WPA brute force and packet injection weaknesses
  8. WPA key vulnerabilities

Benefits of our Wireless Penetration Testing:

  • Ensure Compliance with PCI DSS and other security standards
  • Detect vulnerabilities, misconfigured wireless devices, and rogue access points
  • Reduce the risk and legal ramifications of a business breach
  • Harden the wireless access path to your internal network
  • Independent security verification of encryption and authentication policies for devices interacting with your wireless network
  • Prevent unauthorized use of your wireless network for cyber-attacks that may be traced back to your organisation
  • Get a birds-eye-view of the assets that an attacker can compromise or gain administrative level rights over your network

Wireless Penetration Testing methodology

Our veteran VAPT experts follow a tried and tested methodology for wireless penetration testing:

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