Shortening the Incident Response Time with the Help of AiCyberwatch

Shortening the Incident Response Time with the Help of AiCyberwatch. The proliferation and popularity of single-point security solutions has made it hard for IT teams to effectively monitor security of different environments, and/or initiate timely and effective incident response. They are forced to juggle between multiple solutions, which don’t work well together, draining resources that are already in short supply.

AiCyberwatch comes to the rescue as it enables smooth functioning of multiple point solutions with each other, facilitating centralized orchestration of the incident response actions. It provides comprehensive security automation, enabling efficient working of security teams, quick threat detection and faster incident response.

AiCyberwatch takes a unified approach to security and compliance management. It makes end-to-end security management of the entire critical infrastructure a pretty simple affair, and accomplishes this by integrating and automating both the external and internal IT security and management technologies.

The security automation platform is scalable as new threats and technologies emerge with time, without causing any headaches and troubles of juggling between several incompatible single-point solutions.

Security Orchestration from One Single Place

  • Easily connect AiCyberwatch with security solutions like Palo Alto Networks, etc, enabling optimized and proactive security handling
  • Easy incorporation of emerging technologies into the security architecture. Faster threat detection with the help of bidirectional info sharing by these different technologies.

Reducing The Time Gap Between Threat Detection & Response

  • Shortened threat detection timeframe with the help of AiCyberwatch’s threat detection capabilities and Threat Intelligence
  • Threat prioritization through comparison with Cyber Kill Chain taxonomy

Controlled Automated Incident Response

  • Action orchestration in alignment with the incident response process
  • Easy automatic response actions setup for preferred activities
  • Suppression of irrelevant alarms

Improved Organization Security through a Unified Approach towards Security Orchestration

  • Unification of compliance and security monitoring across the cloud and on-premise network environments, as well the SaaS applications
  • Maintenance of an effective as well as active security posture with the help of constantly updated threat intelligence.