Importance Of Monitoring Endpoints In Cyber Security

Monitoring The Firewall Alone Does Not Help!

Organizations have been continuously breached, despite deploying various security products. There are no means to detect abnormal or unknown “Threat”. AiCyberwatch SOC Services boast of India’s first AI and ML enabled XDR SOC offering that tightly integrate with security applications like Next -Gen SIEM, EUBA, EDR, VA, TI, NTA, NBAD, DDoS, AI and ML. The service provides a complete view of how users, devices and applications interact and behave, automatically correlating security events from many security tools. It uses machine learning combined with advanced self- learning threat models to detect abnormalities and real threats in real-time, while also providing the means to stop and contain the threats immediately upon detection. This helps organizations to visualize user activity, behavior, applications and flows.

AiCyberwatch offers Multi-Layer Effective Detection, i.e. detection of known as well as never before seen threats and Indicates all compromised sources and threat targets. It detects threats coming from compromised credentials and insider threats, and can detect Advanced Persistent Threats, all based on behavior, and done automatically. No workstation endpoint agents are required.

Download today to enables organizations to detect both known signature-based and evolving not yet seen cyber threats quickly, and to stop them as they happen, preventing the infliction of extensive corporate damage.