Intrusion Detection and All that You Require for real time Threat Detection and Response. AiCyberwatch has an inbuilt intrusion detection system which makes early detection and tackling of intrusions possible. This IDS comprises of the following three components:

Network Intrusion Detection System – This capability detects attack patterns and already-known threats that might target your vulnerable assets. Working alongside the anomaly detection tools, it scans the on-premise traffic and raises an alarm whenever any threat is identified.

Cloud Intrusion Detection System – Conventional intrusion detection systems are not optimized for public cloud environments. This capability of AiCyberwatch offers native cloud intrusion detection capability in Azure and AWS cloud environments, leveraging VNet/VPC flows from Azure and AWS to collect the concerned data and detect threats.

The latest emerging threats are tackled by our Security Research Team which constantly supplies threat intelligence updates to the AiCyberwatch platform.

Through AiCyberwatch Instrusion Detection Systems you can:

  • Carry out intrusion detection for all environments
  • Make use of Kill Chain Taxonomy for quick assessment of the intent behind threats and their strategy
  • Make well-informed decisions using contextual data related to attacks
  • Stay updated about key threats in real-time
  • Make best use of powerful analytics that tell all about the concerned threats