HIPAA Compliance Management, Accelerated and Simplified with One Comprehensive Solution

HIPAA compliance is something that becomes a must for any organization (and its business associates) involved in electronic transmission of health information, such as healthcare providers, health care clearing houses, health plans etc. However, as per US Department of Health and Human Services, many organizations are unable to sufficiently safeguard this electronic health information. A major challenge faced by them is the number of security controls expected to be deployed, normally requiring several security point products which are not only expensive, but also a pain when it comes to their deployment and management.

What is required is a HIPAA compliance software which can be easily deployed and has the capability to regularly monitor your critical infrastructure.

AiCyberwatch serves as a comprehensive HIPAA compliance management solution for your on-premises as well as cloud environments. What’s even better is that it is cost-effective and delivers results in comparatively less time than any conventional SIEM product.

AiCyberwatch offers various security essentials, thus helping you prepare easily and quickly for your next HIPAA audit, all through a unified and single platform.

  • Visibility into every IP-enabled asset across your cloud and on-premises environments, including details of its operating system.
  • Easy identification of vulnerable systems and an insight into low, medium and high risk assets, as well as information on any workarounds or patches.
  • Efficient detection of threats by intrusion detection systems, including any active ransomware and malware active in your network, using automatic and advanced correlation.
  • Identification of failed and successful logon attempts along with constant monitoring of administrator and user activities.
  • Incident response acceleration through: inbuilt remediation guidance available for every alarm and automatic or manual execution of integrated orchestrated responses.
  • Easy collection of events from your cloud environment/s, on-premises environment and cloud applications, for analysis, and storage for minimum 12 months.
  • Assurance that you’re protected round-the-clock with constantly fed threat intelligence into the AiCyberwatch platform, including the latest IDS rules, correlation directives, guided threat responses, vulnerability assessment signatures and more.
  • Easy reporting on security controls needed for HIPAA compliance, using the inbuilt HIPAA reports, as well as the option to create fresh custom views and reports to meet the specific reporting requirements for your organization.