Quicker GDPR Compliance with AiCyberwatch

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation makes it mandatory for all organizations to ensure complete security of European Union citizens’ personal data being handled by them. Failing to do so can result in heavy penalties. Unfortunately, conventional security solutions don’t help much in this regard.

AiCyberwatch provides organizations with a single compliance management and security monitoring platform which speeds up their GDPR compliance. As it involves integration of various security capabilities into one single platform, AiCyberwatch provides you visibility into your overall security posture and makes the compliance process simple.

As per GDPR, the onus is on the organizations to maintain best data security practices. They are required to have a proper plan in place for data breach detection, regular evaluation of security practices and preparation of compliance-related documentary evidence. AiCyberwatch helps in each one of these areas starting from the day one. AiCyberwatch comprises of prebuilt reporting templates that enable you to adhere to the IT security frameworks such as NIST CSF and ISO 27001, and prove your compliance with multiple regulatory requirements.

While there are no specific reporting requirements defined or laid out by the GDPR, being in line with ISO 27001 effectively demonstrates the alignment of your technical security controls with globally-acceptable best practices. Using AiCyberwatch’s ISO 27001 compliance reporting templates can serve as a foundation to become structurally ready for GDPR compliance.

AiCyberwatch offers important security capabilities that are a must in any GDPR compliance software.

Simplified GDPR compliance and security management

  • Shrinking the attack surface through vulnerability scanning and asset discovery
  • Detection of possible data breaches and intrusions through the inbuilt intrusion detection features
  • Better preparation for forensic investigation through retention and management of logs

Detection, investigation and reporting of data breaches

  • Quick detection of breaches with the help of cloud intrusion detection, and network intrusion detection
  • Swift identification of anomalous activities using behavioral monitoring
  • Complete readiness for document compliance with the help of fully customizable reports and pre-existing report templates

Reduction of incident response time to ensure minimum data exposure

  • Quick response to incidents using automated response actions
  • Minimum data exposure by shortening the time taken to respond

Up-to-date security plan with the help of constant threat intelligence updates

  • Our Security Research Team constantly curates and supplies the latest threat intelligence to your organization as well as the AiCyberwatch deployment