Better and Quicker Endpoint Detection and Response with AiCyberwatch

Nowadays, endpoints are perceived as amongst the top security risk areas by corporates everywhere. With malicious entities constantly working to evade conventional endpoint protection and prevention tools, organizations are showing more inclination towards Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions for higher security. However, despite the fact that these solutions can provide added visibility, including evidence of attacks which don’t normally trigger any prevention rules, most of the organizations don’t have the required resources for managing a standalone EDR solution.

This is where AiCyberwatch can be of great help, as it does away with the need of adding another complex and expensive end point solution to your security infrastructure. It offers EDR as an integral part of its security platform to provide advanced-level threat detection, compliance and incident response.

By centralizing and automating threat hunting on all the endpoints in the on-premises and cloud environments, AiCyberwatch makes real-time threat detection and incident response possible wherever threats surface. The constant supply of threat intelligence by our Security Research Team ensures that your defenses always stay up-to-date.

As against the point security solutions, AiCyberwatch combines various security capabilities like SIEM, EDR, SOAR, EUBA, NBAD, NTA, Threat intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and network intrusion detection etc. into a unified security platform, providing you with all indispensable security capabilities in one single place, while significantly reducing the complexity and cost.

Threat hunting automation for detecting even the most evasive threats

  • Automating threat hunting; covering all the areas where threats appear
  • Inbuilt orchestration for accelerating incident investigation and incident response
  • Quicker threat investigation using contextual information related to the endpoints
  • Automatic threat prioritization for more effective and quicker incident response

Centralized security visibility across on-premises and cloud environments

  • Easy and swift deployment without any complicated systems integrations
  • Significant savings on the ongoing operations as well as initial investment
  • Centralized security monitoring and visibility of all critical assets

Accelerated compliance efforts through AiCyberwatch

  • Easy compliance demonstration through reporting templates and pre-existing dashboards
  • Easily meet compliance requirements for FIM (File Integrity Monitoring)
  • Centralized and simplified endpoint log management for streamlining compliance readiness