IT Compliance and Security Goals Achieved from One Single Place.

Managing IT compliance is usually a manual task involving deployment and monitoring of several IT security point products for satisfying the industry and/or regulatory requirements. It also becomes imperative for the organizations to aggregate data from various IT systems into a reports-set or a single view to assure the auditors and/or management staff about not just existence of IT controls, but them being in good health.

Although this can be achieved with the help of a log management or a SIEM tool, that’s often not sufficient to meet the strict requirements laid out by the present-day regulatory compliance standards, for instance, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and more.

AiCyberwatch is a combined AI and ML based solution for comprehensive IT compliance and security management. It unifies all necessary security technologies for not just demonstrating compliance against the stringent regulatory standards of today, but also for continuous monitoring of the endpoints, cloud environments and networks, from one single place. This tool brings all important tasks under one single roof, including file integrity monitoring, asset discovery, endpoint detection and response, log management, SIEM, intrusion detection, orchestrated incident response, constant threat intelligence updates, compliance reporting, behavioral monitoring and vulnerability assessment.

AiCyberwatch does away with the need of managing multiple point security solutions which can be very expensive and complex, thereby providing the IT security teams with a central IT compliance and security solution which is easy-to-use, cost-effective and quickly deployable.

Below is how the AiCyberwatch platform aids simplification and speeding up of IT compliance and security management:

  • Continuous discovery of assets and vulnerabilities inside dynamic environments
  • Automatic event correlation, analysis and log collection from within a single console, sending alerts whenever there are any anomalous and suspicious activities
  • Centralization of threat detection for all environments including on-premises, Azure, AWS and cloud applications such as G Suite and Office 365
  • Efficient detection and reporting of any changes made to the registries and critical files, with the help of inbuilt FIM (File Integrity Monitoring)
  • Facilitates quicker investigation of incidents as well as their responses through automated response actions, proactive endpoint queries and advanced-level security orchestration
  • Simplified compliance reporting through predefined, out-of-the-box compliance reports, and highly customizable data analytics and search
  • 90 days’ secure storage of log data in the NDV Secure Cloud, and affordable cold storage for 12 or more months

Certified SOC 2, HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant, providing you with maximum assurance and reducing the burden of storing logs on your own, in a compliant manner.

AiCyberWatch is Dependable and Verified

At AiCyberWatch we make compliance the top priority for our own as well as your organization. Having adopted the NIST CSF (Cybersecurity Framework), we have brought our security processes and controls in line with the security best practices proven by the industry. AiCyberwatch’s processes, controls and systems are regularly tested by third-party auditors, ensuring that we maintain and demonstrate compliance at all times.