Complete Network Security Monitoring from One Single Place

The effectiveness of network security monitoring depends greatly on a regular collection, analysis and correlation of security data from across the on-premises and cloud environments. In fact, that is the only way you can identify intrusions and threats in a timely manner. Furthermore, intrusion detection systems cannot get the job done on their own, alone. For complete monitoring and protection of your network, it is important that you get a unified view of:

  • Everything that is connected to your infrastructure
  • Potentially exploitable vulnerable systems
  • Regular updates related to threat intelligence
  • Security incidents, along with the correlated event data
  • Aggregated logs and events from your on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Activity and threats with known malicious hosts

Gathering all such information from the network security monitoring software has always been an expensive, complicated and often out-of-reach task for a large majority of organizations. AiCyberwatch does away with all such complexity and cost by unifying various important security capabilities in a single platform that is affordable and easy to use.

Additionally, regular threat intelligence updates are provided by our Security Research Team to the AiCyberwatch platform, which are also backed by crowd-sourced threat intelligence data from all over the world. All such capabilities help you with:

Constant awareness of your assets and vulnerabilities

  • Through constant asset discovery and inventory
  • Vulnerability assessment

Quick Detection of Intrusions & Threats

  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Cloud Intrusion Detection

Analysis of security incidents with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • Guidance on incident response
  • Cross-correlation directives
  • Correlation engine based on graphs

Round-the-clock vigilance with the help of continuous threat intelligence. Constant supply of threat intelligence updates from our Security Research Team