Tips on Responding to DDOS Attacks and Selection of Right Anti DDOS Service

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Websites and web services of all sizes and types have been the target of DDOS attacks for many years now. These attacks have grown in terms of their complexity and size in the past few years. As a result, it has become even more important for establishments to opt for reliable anti DDOS services. Following are some tips that can help you respond to such attacks:

  • It’s important that the DDOS attack is recognized and tackled in its early stages. The traffic from attack starts out crowding the legitimate traffic very soon. An efficient anti DDOS service will offer constant protection against such attacks and ensure that the collateral damages are kept to minimum.
  • Ensure that your anti DDOS service provider shares data with you on a regular basis. They have to be transparent enough to be trusted with the security of your online service or website.
  • Understand the DDOS attacks which may be coming. DDOS attacks come in all sizes varying from 5 Gbps to 30 Gbps or even more. While some may be application-specific, others may use UDP floods, SYN floods etc. Then there are blended ones which are a combination of different attack techniques. These are the hardest to overcome. Your anti DDOS service provider must be efficient enough to handle all types.
  • Your DDOS protection provider must have a clear and transparent pricing structure. There are several providers out there who charge their customers based on dirty traffic, while there are others who charge based on clean pipes. Often, cheaper may not mean the better. If your DDOS protection provider can efficiently filter out all attack traffic, don’t refrain from paying for it.
  • There are all sorts of motivating factors for launching DDOS attacks, ranging from rage against someone’s opinion, asking for a ransom or even to get a job. Such attackers normally strike during holidays when there isn’t enough IT staff available to protect the service or website.
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