All Essential Security and Compliance Capabilities for AWS

AiCyberwatch provides all essential security and compliance capabilities for AWS. A great multitude of enterprises, regardless of their size, are making the most of the benefits offered by cloud these days. Popular cloud service providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) provide scalability and flexibility to businesses in all industries.

Unfortunately, the IT security professionals don’t have control and visibility over the data that flows in and out of the cloud. They also do not have control and visibility over the time at and the method in which new instances and workloads are spun up. However, they are still held accountable for the security and compliance of/for AWS.

AWS has a shared responsibility model as per which infrastructure security is entirely Amazon’s responsibility, and everything else is left to the customer. The customer is particularly responsible for data protection within the applications and is expected to monitor how users access this data, detect threats and implement the AWS incident response.

When you migrate your operations to the cloud, the conventional network security capabilities like intrusion detection etc. don’t work anymore. Other capabilities such as vulnerability assessment require prior approval from Amazon.

AiCyberwatch overcomes all such compliance and security related challenges in a very effective manner. AiCyberwatch uses VPC flows from AWS to collect the concerned data and detect threats.

AiCyberwatch anywhere has been designed keeping AWS environments in mind. It provides all important security capabilities in a way that works best in the cloud. You get real-time threat detection, scanning for vulnerabilities and quick response to incidents in order to minimize risks and stay compliant, regardless of where your users, applications or data may be.

Effective monitoring, detection and investigation of AWS security issues

  • AiCyberwatch can be deployed within minutes to get instant visibility, even just before your next audit
  • Provision of detailed AWS security-related reports and reports related to compliance standards like PCI DSSISO 27001 and more

Integration of on-premises and AWS security policy

  • Get rid of any blind spots through unified security monitoring for all the assets, regardless of their location
  • Quick response to incidents, backed by regular supply of threat intelligence from our Security Research Team

Effective monitoring, detection and investigation of AWS security issues

  • Continuously running vulnerability assessments
  • Quick detection of abnormal behavior in AWS and raising of corresponding alarms