Asset Discovery Automation

All that You Require for Asset Discovery Automation, Threat Detection and Incident Response Acceleration. At AiCyberWatch we understand the already existing workload on IT professionals and security practitioners. With AiCyberwatch, you no longer need to worry about what is connected to your network and which all instances are running in your cloud environments.

As soon as you install our AiCyberwatch platform, its inbuilt asset discovery feature will get to work and show you all the assets in your on-premises, Azure, AWS and other cloud environments. All IP enabled devices on the network will become discoverable, and you’ll get to know about the services and software installed on them, their configuration and if any active threats or vulnerabilities are being executed against any of them.

Simply put, AiCyberwatch will get you quick answers to questions like:

  • Which all devices are connected to my virtual and physical networks?
  • Which all instances are currently running on my cloud environments?
  • Are there any existing vulnerabilities on the assets present in my network and cloud?
  • Is any known attacker trying to meddle with the assets in my network or cloud?
  • What are my users up to?

Clarity through Correlation of Assets Information

Clarity through correlation of assets info with the vulnerability & threat data. Being oblivious to what’s present on your network and cloud environments and how those assets are configured can be a major problem. Wouldn’t certainty be much better?! Well, that’s what AiCyberwatch’s automatic asset discovery and scanning feature is all about.

Making optimum use of the core discovery and inventory technologies, the platform offers you complete visibility into the connected devices on your network and the instances currently running in your cloud environments.

There are three aspects involved:

Network Asset Discovery

AiCyberwatch scans the network environment and identifies the connected devices, their OS, installed software and running services. Software versions and vendors can also be identified without any invasive scans.

Cloud Asset Discovery

AiCyberwatch uses VNet/VPC flows from Azure and AWS to collect the concerned data and detect threats.

Passive Network Monitoring

AiCyberwatch uses certain passive network monitoring techniques such as IP header analysis, IP & hardware MAC address pairings, TCP/IP traffic analysis etc. to obtain network asset info and network communications evaluation.