AiCyberwatch For Comprehensive Azure Security and Compliance

Cloud-first organizations are in fact deriving great benefits from Microsoft Azure usage for their critical data and applications. Speed, easy-user-access and scalability are all that what contribute greatly to the appeal of the cloud.

However, since cloud services and applications provide a lot more freedom to the users, they can create various blind spots for the IT security teams. And this forces these teams to rework their compliance and security strategy, putting additional burden on them. This holds true for Azure too.

All IT security professionals working in such organizations are faced with the question – How can they extend their reach beyond the on-premises security monitoring, to the Azure environment, without the need of different monitoring approaches and tools?

AiCyberwatch helps you extend the reach of your IT security operations beyond on-premises data, user activity and applications. It’s a platform that unifies multiple critical security capabilities for addressing Azure security concerns, and hence improves compliance and reduces cloud-related risks.

What’s even better is that you get complete visibility from one single place, regardless of whether your workloads are in on-premises virtual machines, AWS, Azure, or all of them.

Efficient detection and investigation of Azure security concerns

  • Immediate discovery of new Azure misconfigurations or instances
  • Cloud-native sensors that facilitate safe execution of vulnerability scans on Azure infrastructure
  • Constantly delivered threat intelligence by AiCyberWatch Security Research Team ensures timely alerts on any abnormal behaviour within the Azure environment

Demonstration and monitoring of Azure security compliance

  • Quick deployment, within few minutes, making you compliant in no time
  • Monitoring of Azure security compliance for standards like NERC, PCI DSS and more
  • AiCyberwatch uses VNet flows from Azure to collect the concerned data and detect threats.

Unification of cloud and on-premises security monitoring

  • Unified security monitoring for all the assets, regardless of their location, eliminating all blind spots
  • Quick threat detection and response with the help of continuous threat intelligence from our Security Research Team.